Group 2 Equipment Operator

South Bend, IN

A Group II Equipment Operator for the Highway Division, is responsible for operating vehicles, repairing roadways, hauling materials, and performing related maintenance and strenuous manual labor duties as assigned under direct and indirect supervision.

Essential Functions:

A Highway Employee drives various vehicles, including, single axle and tandem axle trucks, trailers, semi-tractor trailers (when required) paint striper, backhoe, snowplow, roller, payloader, sweepers.   Also, vehicles with attachments, including plows, tailgate and box spreaders and a underbody scraper.

A Highway Employee performs all types of concrete, asphalt, and gravel road repairs, including patching with hot and cold asphalt materials, filling holes, crack sealing and chip and seal.  Operates trucks to haul materials, including but not limited to sand, gravel, salt and asphalt, and plow and salt roadways.  The employee may also mow and or cuts grass and trees.  Including operating mowers, tractors, and tree trucks.

Full Job Description