Food Service Supervisor

South Bend, IN

Position: Food Service Supervisor

Opening Date: 4/08/2024 Closing Date: Until Filled

Salary: $51,818/year

Department: Probate Court/JJC Location: Juvenile Justice Center

Status: Full time Job Category: LTC (Labor, Trades and Crafts)

FLSA Status: Exempt


Incumbent serves as Food Service Supervisor for the St. Joseph Probate Court/Juvenile Justice Center, responsible for the continuous and efficient operation of all kitchen operations and food services for the St. Joseph Probate Court/Juvenile Justice Center.

Essential Functions:

Direct Report: The position directly reports to the Director of Detention, Assistant Director of Detention and/or the Executive Director.

Duties: The Food Service Supervisor is to have the authority, resources, and responsibility to provide the facility complete food service that includes three meals a day, (two hot, never more than 14 hours between the evening and morning meals), evening snacks seven days per week that are nutritionally adequate, palatable, and attractive, and that are produced under sanitary conditions at reasonable cost. Supervises all kitchen staff.



1. Assumes 24 hour accountability for dietary department.

2. Drafts proposed policies and procedures for Kitchen Department.

3. Participates in screening, interviews, and the hiring process of prospective kitchen

employees, subject to the approval of the Executive Director.

4. Provides employee intermediate sanctions and recommends terminations when necessary.

5. Keeps statistical records and compiles required forms for fiscal accounting, dietary purposes,

and budget planning.

6. Assures accurate and timely completion of budget for department.

7. Reviews and analyzes monthly expenditures and revenue reports.

8. Promotes educational opportunities and professional growth for staff.

9. Attends meetings and training sessions as required.

10. Establishes and maintains a system to record meals served juveniles, employees, guests, and


11. Maintains records that include information on published menus, information on waste, food

costs, and nutritional accounting.

12. Assures that the facility’s system of dietary allowance is reviewed at least annually by a

dietitian to ensure compliance with nationally recommended food allowances.

13. Ensures the provision of a nutritionally adequate diet as adjusted for age, sex, and activity of

the residents.

14. Develop planned menus in advance and ensure that kitchen staff substantially follow the

schedule. Post menus one week in advance.

15. Ensures that in the planning and preparation of all meals, (including special diets), food

flavor, texture, temperature, appearance, and palatability are taken into consideration.

16. Ensures that all juveniles and staff at the facility, except those persons on special diets, eat

the same meals.

17. Provides for special diets as prescribed by appropriate medical, dental, or religious

professionals. Special diets are to be specific and complete, furnished in writing to the

Food Service Supervisor who will implement their use. Special diets are to be kept as

simple as possible and should conform as closely as possible to the foods served other


18. Ensures that the use of food as a disciplinary measure is never allowed by employees,

kitchen or detention.

19. Ensures compliance with the applicable sanitation and health codes as promulgated by

federal, state, and local authorities.

20. Ensures that on duty staff is in good health, free from communicable disease, and open,

infected wounds.

21. Enforces policies and procedures that require employees to maintain clean hands and

fingernails; wear hair nets or caps; wear clean, washable garments; and employ hygienic

handling techniques.

22. Daily inspection of all food service areas, including dining and food preparation areas and

equipment; sanitary, temperature-controlled storage facilities for all foods; and daily checks

of refrigerator and water temperatures.

23. Provides adequate health protection for all juveniles and staff in the facility and other

persons working in food service.

24. Schedules pre-assignment medical examinations for all food service staff, and periodic

reexaminations to ensure freedom from diarrhea, skin infections, and other illness

transmissible by food or utensils.

25. Instructs and ensures all food service staff to wash their hands upon reporting for duty and

after using toilet facilities.

26. Monitors all staff working in food service each day for health and cleanliness.


1. Provides orientation for all new employees working in food service.

2. Assists in training new employees.

3. Answers departmental telephone and returns calls in a timely manner

4. Clearly defines and delegates work tasks and assigns accountability.


1. Keep accurate account of all kitchen utensils, and report any and all missing equipment to the

Director of Detention, Assistant D.O.D., or shift supervisor immediately.

2. Be knowledgeable of security requirements and policies and assist in training food service

staff in those procedures.

3. Maintain a secure, bolted down cabinet in which all knives and hazardous tools are marked

for inventory and stored.

4. Inventory of knives and sharp tools/utensils twice a day. Food Service Supervisor and each head shift cook to sign off at the beginning and end of shift.


1. Report all malfunctions of food service equipment to Director of Building and Grounds


2. Responsible for maintaining a clean and healthy environment throughout the food service


3. Orders all food and supplies for food service department, maintains an adequate inventory,

and keeps accurate records to accomplish same.


Considerable judgment must be exercised on an independent basis in regard to the safety and security of all residents and staff. Policies and procedures are written, but every situation is not, and can not be covered. You will be expected to provide effective and appropriate supervisory assistance to Food Service staff when needed. Errors in judgment may result in safety or security problems such as: fights, escapes, and injury to staff or residents.


Receives phone calls from facility personnel, parents of juveniles, professionals, and the general public. Responsible for answering questions, taking messages, and relaying accurate information in a courteous and professional manner. Interacts with juveniles in detention, parents, grand-parents, and guardians of juveniles in detention, teachers, other Detention Officers, Probation Officers, Administrative and Court staff. Must maintain a professional relationship with all residents at all times and staff while on duty. The Food Service Supervisor is expected to be a positive role model at work and in the community.


This is a locked, secure, jail-like environment housing juveniles who are charged with delinquent acts many of which are violent such as battery, robbery and murder. The safety of this community, as well as our staff and residents depends upon Administrators who have the ability to act quickly, responsibly, and fairly, with compassion, consistency, and control.

Work is performed on tile-covered cement floors. There is a considerable amount of walking in the center to accomplish tasks.

Physical confrontations with residents, cleaning, and cooking duties require physical fitness, endurance, a moderate amount of strength and mental awareness. The Food Service Supervisor must have the ability to manage and control juveniles, and possibly staff who are verbally and/or physically abusive without losing control of emotions, perform duties professionally, maintain self control, and treat all residents and staff with respect, without partiality.

The duties described above are indicative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities and normal task assignments of this job, and do not constitute an exhaustive list of all tasks which may be required. Additional duties requiring similar or lesser skills may be added at any time without the necessity of altering the description or re-evaluating the job.


EDUCATION: Associates Degree in Culinary Science preferred; high school diploma required coupled with additional training in culinary arts and or kitchen/food operations.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum of five years related culinary arts, kitchen and food service/operations experience in an institutional environment preferred, coupled with a minimum of two years supervisory and administrative experience.

SKILLS: The ability to relate to and work with professional staff, other employees, detained youth, and visitors at the facility without bias or partiality. Must be mature and able to work with little or no supervision. Capacity to use good judgment, problem solve, anticipate, prevent, intervene, and negotiate crisis and everyday occurrences in the Food Service Department. Ability to make rational, independent decisions regarding kitchen operations and supervision of employees. Good supervision, written and verbal communication skills are a must. Capable of working in a secure facility. Available transportation during working hours. Able to work evenings and weekends as needed or directed.